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Meah Robertson Naturopath

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Hello, and thank you for visiting. I have been a Naturopath on the Gold Coast since 2006.  I specialise in women’s health, hormonal issues and emotional/mental health.  I consult from Monday to Friday and every second Saturday. I conduct naturopathic consultations from my home clinic in Parkwood on the Gold Coast and on Mt. Tamborine every Thursday. I also offer consultations via Skype if you don’t live locally.

My other work:

In early 2014 I started working my own product for women’s health & hormonal balancing.  I saw the need to help and support more women then I could physically see in clinic, and the underlying causes of their presenting issues were very similar.  After 12 months of research & development Fem21 was released. Fem21 is a herbal formula which contains 21 natural ingredients.  Fem21 works to balance hormones, support liver, digestive detoxification and alkalise the body through rich greens.  It’s a powder that you can mix into water, juice or a smoothie.  Fem21 works beautifully to support women’s general health & happiness.  If you’re interested in pointing your body back to health and vitality then please check out my other website specific to Fem21: –  Thank you xo.

Below are the main areas I specialise in with Integrative Naturopathic Consultations:

  1. Women’s Health
  2. Hormonal issues
  3. Natural Fertility/infertility & IVF preparation
  4. Thyroid & adrenal issues associated with metabolism & energy
  5. Complementary Mental Health Support/Holistic Counselling and Life coaching.
    1. Including but not limited to anxiety, depression (including subtypes), emotional disorders, post trauma, learning and behaviour issues.
    2. Support for DNA/genetic disorders including: pyrroles, undermethylation, overmethylation and MTFHR polymorphism
  6. Hormonal acne
  7. Menopause

Essentially every person is treated as an individual, with their own combination of contributing factors to their health issues.  I always aim to investigate the causes behind the symptoms and treat at that level.  If you’re experiencing issues which aren’t on the above list please don’t hesitate to contact me anyway I’m very open and welcome all opportunities to help others.

Kind Regards – Meah Robertson.

“Your body is sensitive, but also extremely resilient. Never underestimate it’s power to heal when given the right support and environment. “

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