Meah Robertson Naturopath

Meah Robertson Naturopath

Gold Coast Naturopath, Integrative medicine, naturopath & GP's working together


Meah Robertson is an experienced Naturopathic Physician and has been helping individuals & couples in clinical practice since 2006.

Meah has undergone extensive study at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College of Natural Health), completing both her Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.  In addition to her formal training she continues to update her knowledge & education by attending trainings, seminars & workshops in the areas of nutrition, herbal medicine and health science.

Through a detailed consultation process Meah will assess the areas that can be supported in order to address your health priorities.  At the conclusion of the consultation she’ll give you an outlined treatment plan including lifestyle advice, supplement / nutritional suggestions, herbal medicine instructions (if required), dietary suggestions, and recommended pathology tests.  Meah can also design a Detoxification Program for you which includes removal of chemicals, heavy metals and environmental toxins (if required).

Using her knowledge and clinical experience Meah will help you to create a foundation for good health. As well as addressing any immediate health priorities. Given the right environment the body has the ability to heal, your symptoms reduce, you gain vitality, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. Your life you’ll find, just seems to flow more easily. By working together in consultation Meah will begin with investigating the cause of the symptoms to support you to heal from within and come back into balance naturally.

Meah has a unique practice in which she’s able to work in different flexible environments and combine resources with medical professionals. Including integration with male doctor Dr. Dean Stubbs.  Meah is also able to correspond with your own doctor if you wish to take an integrated approach with Western Medicine. This works wonderfully alongside Naturopathic practice and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. With multiple health professionals working together to give you the best quality of care, which equals results.

Her clinical experience continues to grow and has gained particular interest in working with the following areas:

-hormonal balancing

-addressing nutrient deficiencies & imbalances

-thyroid health & metabolism

-adrenal health & energy

-nervous system health & the impact of stress physically as well as mentally

-digestive health & the ability to absorb nutrients & eliminate   toxins effectively

-a strong balanced immune system (including auto-immune diseases)

-identifying and addressing food sensitivities / intolerances and healing the impact of them on the body

-healthy weight management and maintenance

-fertility / infertility including: PCOS, Recurrent Miscarriage, Endometriosis, Male factor infertility, Unexplained fertility, Secondary fertility, Fertility over 35 and can be used alongside IVF or assisted reproductive procedures.

– preconception & pregnancy support planning

-children’s health & wellness

Meah  has previously worked at one of Australia’s top Fertility Clinic’s Sharkey’s Healing Centre.  There for 5 years from 2007-2012 she specialised in fertility and supporting countless couples on their fertility journey. From this experience she has gained an in depth knowledge about fertility issues / infertility and is very passionate about helping couples, as the outcome is extremely rewarding for all involved. In conjunction with this she has also learned a great deal about women’s health and hormone balance and by utilizing natural therapies (the tools of the trade) she’s found how it can make a big difference to how women are feeling physically, mentally & emotionally.

Meah’s interest in Natural Health came at an early age as her mother is a Nutritionist and her father is a holistic Chiropractor, helping people is very much an ingrained family tradition as well as her older sister being in health & lifestyle industry.  Born & raised in the tropical town of Cairns, North Queensland Meah moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 to begin her studies in Natural Medicine.  It was on the Gold Coast that she met her husband and settled into family life with her 2 beautiful daughters.

Meah has also given talks / lectures to couples & individuals on how to improve fertility through the “Fertility in Focus” program.  She has also given seminars to the community on weight loss, nutrition and the underlying contributing factors in an “8 week healthy lifestyle challenge”.  Also she frequently writes articles based on her experiences in clinic as well as sharing health research she’s discovered, Meah posts these links on her Facebook page.

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