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Detoxification with Naturopathy

detoxificationDetoxification / Cleansing:

Our bodies are exposed to a cocktail of toxins on a daily basis, which has a huge effect on our health and wellness. From deodorant, make-up, cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, to daily coffee, peak hour traffic, pesticides in foods and the stress hormones we produce.  We can’t avoid them … but we can effectively detoxify them and relieve your organs of detoxification from this toxic burden.  A cleanse is the best way to kick-start your body back to optimal wellness & function.

My approach to detoxification & cleansing is different to most and does more than give you a short-term fix! After assessment from a consultation and testing your toxic load through a Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis (HTMA) I assess how well your body’s detoxification pathways are working.  This includes bowel function & patterns, liver function, kidney function & urine quality, skin health, lung health and sputum/mucus production.  I also assess your history including where you live, your occupation, household cleaning habits, lifestyle including how much driving or travel you embark on, if you’ve had a history of drug or alcohol use/abuse including smoking.  Then we will structure an effective detoxification & dietary program that is achievable and effective.

I am experienced in making detox programs achievable and easy, because I know how important it is to do a regular cleanse generally I recommend a 2 week detoxification program once or twice per year.

You will also be prescribed effective supportive medicines to enhance the detoxification process to ensure that every cell in your body is cleansed…from top to toe.  This is often specific to the HTMA depending on what your body is holding onto. A detox/cleansing program is also great breaker for bad habits and very useful when you feel overwhelmed by your health ailments. At the end of your 2 weeks you’ll feel so full of energy and vitality that everyone will be saying, “I want what you’re having” and you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off.

If you’re interested in doing a short 3 day detox then please feel free to contact me and I can send you via email a Detox Guide from FoodMatters, I can also provide you with support over this time via email for $60 for the 3 days.  Please email me with the subject: 3 day detox.



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