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Hormonal Acne

clear skinIt’s taken me a long time to write about this, as it has been an issue that I’ve dealt with for a long time (nearly 20 years – now that’s scary).  From about the time that I went through puberty & started menstruating hormonal acne and skin issues have been something that I’ve had a battle with.  I finally feel like I’m comfortable enough now to talk about my journey, what I’ve learnt and how I have overcome this issue that has made me feel very self conscious.  Now that I’m older I’ve accumulated some other issues on my face like scarring (from a scooter accident whilst wearing an open faced helmet), sun damage, wrinkles and pigmentation (both melasma – brownish, and redness).  However breakouts have continued to plague me, each month that rolled around meant more congestion, deep blind cystic pimples, and acne on my face as well as my back.  I have learnt to cover this up where & when possible with make up, clothes and my long hair.  Although when you have a great big pimple on your chin that you’ve picked at (naughty – I’ll confess), it’s pretty hard to hide that.  

When I studied Naturopathy, physiology, biochemistry and learnt how the body worked I felt for sure that it was all related to my internal state.  What was happening in my cycle, what I was eating in my diet (including my sugar intake), how much water I was drinking, how well my bowels were functioning and if I was drinking alcohol.  Sure when I made adjustments and improvements in these areas I did notice a difference in the severity, wound healing and the number of spots I had.  That being said it never resolved no matter how hard I tried.  Then I started to focus more on the external products I was using, you name it I’ve tried it.  Everything from natural product ranges like MiEssence, Kosmea, Arbonne, Aveda and Jurlique to Dermalogica, Mac, Revlon, and Maybeline.  Sorry for the name dropping.  After all the frustration, time, money and energy spent on this I pretty well gave up.  I started washing my face with soap, and moisturising with some old Bio-Oil that I had lying around.  I knew I was healthy internally but my skin just didn’t seem to reflect this.  

Then thanks to advice from my sister (beauty & dermal therapist), a helpful nurse from a skin clinic and utilising my knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine I finally got the results personally that I had dreamed of.  I really attribute the results that myself and my patients have achieved with using a combination of support both internally & externally.  It has been a journey for sure and I’ve learnt a lot along the way about non-comedogenic products, make-up and cosmaceuticals which has been in addition to my existing knowledge about the importance of hormone balance, detoxifying effectively, diet, water intake and lifestyle to create great skin which everyone deserves.  What has been wonderful is using this knowledge in clinic and seeing results in patients really quickly, because what is the point of going through all that without coming out the end of it and being able to help other people.  

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