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Meah Robertson Naturopath

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What’s involved in a Naturopathic Consultation?

anta logoWhat’s involved in a Naturopathic Consultation

The consultation starts with your health priorities, as stated by you.
I take a detailed case history, including asking a lot of questions about you and every area of you.

The pattern of your symptoms is related to the different systems of your body, which as a whole body are all connected.  Therefore to get to the cause of the presenting issues it is important to “connect the dots” of the various symptoms, and the body’s systems which are involved.

I form a naturopathic assessment, which is purely “patient focused”.  From this assessment comes a treatment plan, which may involve any of the following:-

  • Dietary/nutritional advice
  • lifestyle adjustments
  • flower essences
  • herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

I always take an integrated approach with Western Medicine and take into consideration any advice that your doctor has given you and also review any previous tests that have been performed.  If there are areas which have been overlooked or that need to be investigated in more detail, then I’ll ask you to discuss these with your doctor and have the appropriate tests performed.

This way we can review all the information together from tests, physical symptoms, and how you are feeling mentally/emotionally/physically.

It is important to monitor your progress in these ways to know that the “cause” and not just the symptoms, are resolving, and importantly over time this will have a cascade affect to addressing your health priorities.

The body is extremely sensitive but also very resilient if you lay a good foundation for health including but not limited to healthy and intelligent eating, minimizing environmental toxins, managing stress, exercising and taking appropriate supplementation/herbs. Your body will come into balance as the healing comes from within and with trust it can do amazing things to get you to where you want to be.



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