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New Product – Fem21

Hello, I hope you had a nice Easter long weekend.  I had a lovely time camping over the holidays with my family on Fraser Island and in northern New South Wales, along the Clarence River it’s absolutely beautiful.  Whilst I was away and without the distractions of the hectic Gold Coast I made some fairly big decisions about the direction of my work.  I have decided to reduce my consulting time and have started to develop my own product!  I know exciting right 🙂  I really want to help as many people as possible and this is an avenue for me to do just that. Through a natural whole food product which works to “cure the causes” behind the symptoms we end up living with everyday.

Love your tummy

The product will be based on my Naturopathic clinical experience from working with hormonal imbalances in women.  It will be a “functional food” that will help the body to heal and rebalance using a combination of ingredients including, herbs, fruit, cruciferous vegetables, fibre and probiotics.  The main areas that it will target are:

Hormone balance – for women with issues such as hormonal acne, PCOS, skin pigmentation, endometriosis, fertility issues, pre menopausal symptoms, irregular cycles, painful periods and bad pre-menstrual symptoms.  An imbalance in good to bad oestrogen is very common, with women producing too much toxic, potent bad oestrogen metabolites.  This can also suppress & throw out the balance of many different types of oestrogen, imagine a seesaw with good oestrogen down the bottom and bad oestrogen at the top.  Bad, toxic, and highly potent oestrogen can lead to a multitude of issues like endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, swollen painful breasts and oestrogen dependent cancers – eek.  Also when the body has an excess of bad oestrogen it will convert it to testosterone which can lead to PCOS, acne, pigmentation, strong dark hairs sprouting, hair loss and male pattern hair growth (back, chest, face).  Not great, understandably it’s important to get the hormone balance right and maintain it through our beautiful lives as women.  Unfortunately there is a little enzyme called aromatase which is involved in the hormone balance between testosterone and oestrogen, which is sensitive to stress, thyroid function and nutrients (like zinc & B6).  When bad oestrogen is detoxified effectively and good oestrogen is restored, this process allows our menstrual cycles to become regular and balanced.  This improves health in the eggs that are being released, the symptoms around ovulation and for a healthier, stronger endometrial lining.  To ensure balanced flow (not too heavy or light) and good quality periods.    Also it is extremely important to have a good balance between oestrogen and progesterone.  Progesterone comes in after ovulation and peaks in the middle of the luteal phase, when there is not enough progesterone to balance oestrogen a healthy nourished endometrial lining cannot form in the uterus.  A lack of progesterone also heightens the symptoms associated with bad oestrogen or oestrogen dominance, making the pre-menstrual period a nightmare.  I have found that when hormones start misbehaving at different stages in our lives one of the best ways to get them back into balance is by using herbs. This is in addition to establishing a basic foundation of a good diet, nutrition, lifestyle and emotional balance.  I have kept this all in mind when formulating this product and I feel very strongly that the results are going to be amazing.

Digestive support – for liver & gut detoxification. The soluble and insoluble fibre content helps enormously to bind & eliminate toxins, balance blood sugar levels, balance cholesterol and prevent the recirculation of hormonal metabolites which can lead to liver stress.  Fibre also nourishes the mucous membrane of the intestines to reduce inflammation and irritation along the bowel & gut wall.  A healthier and less inflamed gut results in improved intestinal integrity, tone and reduces the incidence of “leaky gut”.  Fibre also works to balance transit time within the gut.  If food is moving through too fast it slows it down allowing more time for nutrient absorption and breakdown.  If food is moving through too slowly it can cause a build up of toxins and increase bad bacteria growth.  Multi-strain Probiotics also work wonders to fight bad bacteria in the small and large bowel, they also play a major part in immune regulation and food sensitivities.

Alkalising – the acid / alkaline balance in our body contributes greatly to how efficiently we function.  When we are more acidic it leads to chronic, degenerative conditions and symptoms.  Think along the lines of oxidative stress, rusting, free radicals and inflammation.  These are all reflected in our acid/alkaline balance.  By including alkalising greens, citrates and antioxidants we can decrease the load of stress, chemicals and environmental pollutants.  This allows us to detoxify and cleanse naturally without creating more stress or inflammation in our systems.

Well I think I just wrote the brochure, lol!  I really hope that it doesn’t take too long to get this happening as its going to be really exciting when this product is available.  The wheels are certainly in motion so I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  As you probably realise I’m really passionate about helping people and this is a wonderful tool which will enable women to balance their hormones, heal their gut, detoxify and alkalise their system.  Hooray for opportunity!

Kind Regards,

Meah Robertson.

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