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Skype Consultation

skypeThe perfect way to connect whether you live in Australia or Overseas.

A Skype Naturopathic consultation is a great way to connect, without the worry of having to travel to the Gold Coast. It’s the same experience as if you were sitting with me in the clinic, face to face. Skype also allows us to be more flexible with our consultation times, so we are not restricted to clinic hours, this is especially helpful if you work 9-5. Currently I’m conducting Skype consultations on Saturday Mornings.  You can book an appointment via the online booking system by visiting

To get started with a Skype consultation firstly you’ll need to have Skype downloaded on your computer or iPad go to the Skype webpage for more information:

Once you’re up and running and have created a Skype ID you’ll need to do the following:

  • Add me to your contacts list (please do this before to our consultation time). My Skype ID is meah.robertson
  • I’ll add you to my contact list as well.
  • At our arranged time you’ll need to be at your computer & logged into Skype (status: online) I will video call you.  There is a possibility that I may be running late (hopefully not) if this is the case and you haven’t received a call from me I will message you through Skype and let you know how far off I am.

Once our consultation finishes I’ll send you any information that we’ve discussed along with, a proposed treatment plan as a word document to outline any suggestions &/or instructions as well as an invoice via email. I will advise you through your treatment plan of any supplements to be purchased locally or through requested practitioner companies, if you need herbs or flower essences I’ll post them to you via Australia Post.

Payment for our Skype consultation, herbs etc. can be made by direct deposit online or by cheque (your invoice will have all payment details).

Please note that in order for our consultation to run smoothly it’s important to have a good internet connection, if not it can lead to distortion and issues with clarity of sound & video. If this continues to happen I will call you to complete our consultation over the phone.

Please also feel free to email me if you have any further queries.


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