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Possibly the most loveliest testimonial that I’ve received to date. Such a wonderful & inspirational story:

Meah Robertson saved my life.

Big statement but true… I was 44 when I met my Prince Charming and soon after had a fertility baseline check. A FSH of 9.9 saw the GP send me to a local (UK) public fertility clinic. A repeat FSH was 11 and I was told that I was “clearly” pre menopausal and Clomid was suggested. I wasn’t keen on an immediate jump to drugs based on 2 blood results.

Thankfully my father had seen the clinic where Meah had been based, on television. An international Skype consult programmed swung into action.

Meah’s pre diagnostic consult was so thorough and from there she suggested other key blood tests including the accurate cycle days on which to have it tested! Despite being completely without ANY symptoms, Meah deduced that I may have a Prolactinoma brain tumour, which not only has fertility implications but also can become life threatening if untreated or give rise to osteoporosis amongst other issues. Meah also gave detailed herb and dietary advice for me and my husband too.

The tumour was treated and I soon fell pregnant but sadly miscarried several times- possibly from any combination of poor egg quality and prolactin levels that were still a little high to support an ongoing pregnancy.

I also consulted with a leading UK IVF consultant who gave me 6 months to conceive before time was not on my side according to traditional allopathic views and a donor egg was my only hope as I was now 46 and would not be able to use my own eggs in a UK clinic.

I told Meah that my husband and I were going to take that option but she said give it a little more time for things to settle in my body. My husband and I went to Italy for a week and all of a sudden, I was with child- all natural, no intervention apart from Meah’s herbs and advice.

Our son was born just before my 47th birthday and is absolutely perfect in every way.

My recent brain scan was clear.

The chance of a 47 year old having a naturally conceived and perfect baby is extremely low in general.

It may not be the same journey outcome for everyone but I have no doubt that Meah’s fertility/ health optimisation plan facilitated this.

If Meah had not advised that I have a particular blood test that the fertility clinic HAD NOT, and I had been treated with certain fertility drugs, I could have died or been in a very bad way afterwards. If she had not told me to do this, the clinic would have written me off as too old and with age-related or even unexplained infertility. The untreated tumor could have become troublesome in many ways…

A simple blood test was in effect, the start of my son eventually coming into being.

Meah is extremely knowledgable, professional, personable, supportive and of total integrity- she WILL tell you when you may need to still hang on in there, or that one may need to let go of, or modify, a deep wish, of that you can be assured.

Meah, we can never thank you enough!
x x x




As promised, please find the attached photos of our new bundle of joy!  Mary was born via her planned c-section on April 12th without complication (weight 3390g, height 49cm, head 35.5cm). Both Chris and I are really enjoying parenthood and despite being a bit sleep deprived:), we are constantly amazed by our wonderful new child!

Many thanks again for all your support and help to us over this time.  We have been telling everyone about the great service that you’ve provided, for anyone attempting to have a family!

Kind regards,
Chris, Sarah and Mary 🙂

Hi Meah

I just thought I’d share our exciting news with you.

We’ve just found out today that we’ve got a little one along the way.  Not very far mind you … I’m only at 4 weeks so it’s still very early and we’re not counting our chickens yet.  But nevertheless we are very very excited and think that you’ve sprinkled your fairy dust and helped us on our way. 🙂

Thank you again for all your help and support.  I can’t actually believe this is happening.

Kind Regards
Jane and Andy

Hi Meah,

Here’s my creation story to share:

After 12 months of following Meah’s fertility program I am happy to announce I’m pregnant! When I stared my program I suffered from hormonal imbalances due to chronic hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, and I also had a large cyst on one of my ovaries which disappeared in the first 8 weeks of following the program. I did fall pregnant 6 months into the program but suffered a miscarriage. As I am 42 years old and have an AMH of less than 1 my obstetrician told me the only chance I had of achieving a pregnancy was to get a donor egg! Not to be discouraged I continued to optimize my chances to  again fall pregnant naturally. I  worked with a specialist thyroid doctor and began taking natural thyroid hormone. I also eliminated dairy, egg and wheat from my diet as blood tests showed I had  intolerances to them. Balancing my hormones and eliminating these foods even resulted in my thyroid antibodies almost halving in 1 month! I am just entering the 2 trimester of my pregnancy and I feel fantastic! A big thank you to Meah for all her encouragement, support and advice in helping me “to fall pregnant naturally and create the life I longed for”!

Dear Meah

Just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful help to fall pregnant after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. We tried for over 12 months on our own before coming to you. Working alongside my fertility doctor we are able to
conceive naturally to our disbelief! (and within 7 months!) We even had the ivf cheque written out!
My journey was a tough emotional one and I always felt that Meah truly cared about what I was going through and helped me cope by suggesting some great methods for relaxation. I couldn’t have done it without your help and can’t recommend you enough! We are over the moon with excitement 🙂

Thanks again Meah, kind regards Christine x I’ll see you early next year for some more herbs to help get ready for bub’s arrival!!

Hi Meah,

Was great speaking with you the other day.  I wish I could have seen you in person…I would have hugged you to bits!  Words can’t describe the elation and gratitude we feel at the moment.  We are so very blessed to have been pointed in your direction and to have been given this second opportunity at parenthood.  We know that when we tell him, Matson (new big brother) will be excited too, if not maybe a little overwhelmed.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and help to get to this point.  We can’t believe how things have unfolded for us and feel very grateful for the work you do.  We are lucky enough to have been blessed with your knowledge and practice.  Wow!  It will take quite a while to sink in after 4 and a half years of trying to conceive again.  We are pinching ourselves and couldn’t stop punching the air when that positive pregnancy test showed up…!

Paula x

Here’s my creation story Meah:

To all those fellow woman 40+ when you think all hope is lost –  don’t give up. When you are told your AHM count is 3 to 4 and your chance of conceiving naturally is only 3% – don’t give up.

Before you rush off to begin IVF which will be the only thing your GP or the Fertility specialist recommend ask yourself, have I tried all other avenues.

I went down the GP and fertility specialist road to be told there was basically no change without doing IVF, I wasn’t comfortable with that and decided to explore other avenues first – I’m very glad I did.

My partner and I met up with Meah who was positive and offered so much hope, she gave me no reason to doubt our ability. I think it’s important to go as a couple as it helps to bond and for your “other half” to realise it’s a 2 way effort. After some initial tests we were given a plan which consisted of a diet to follow and also some herbs to have daily. That along with Vitamins and minerals we began our journey. After 5 months of treatment we conceived and I am now 25 weeks pregnant and expecting our first baby in March 12.

I turned 42 in November so am living proof it’s never too late. Also consider when feeling rushed and like you are out of time that one IVF treatment is often equivalent to 8 months of trying. Don’t feel pressured, relax, enjoy the journey and hopefullyl you can to get what you’re heart desires.

If IVF is the only way, going to see Meah first is a great way of ensuring both your eggs and your partners sperm and in A1 condition before treatment.

Thank you Tasha.

Hi Meah,

Great news ….. I am finally pregnant. I am 18 or 19 days post ovulation, and have had 3 positive home tests and had a blood test today. My HCG level today is at 1436. They said that was great, but it doesnt really mean anything to me. I am going in for another blood test Monday, and then booked in to see the specialist and have a scan on the 1st May.

I have an appointment to see you next week. We were going to discuss preparing for IVF, but now that is not needed, should I still come and see you anyway, or would I be right with the herbs I already have?

I have started taking only 5 ml of the liquid herbs, and could not remember what you said about the Thyroplex, so I stopped taking them Monday when I got my first positive test. Should I be taking these? Do I still take the fish oil tablets?

I am also a little concerned about what sort of food I should be eating. I am still sticking to my healthy foods, but am unsure about if I can have any black tea, cold meats, salads from sandwich shops etc? Do you have any information or a link to a good reliable sight that could steer me in the right direction?

I am feeling pretty good, A little tired, really thirsty and feeling a bit sick for most of the day. I have started snacking on things a lot more regularly throughout the day, and am drinking heaps and heaps of water. As a result I find that I am going to the bathroom every half hour.

ANyway I am so happy to finally be able to tell you that I am pregnant. After exactly 24 months of trying it finally happened. As it turns out I would have conceived 1 week after I put my resignation in at work, so that just goes to show how much of a negative effect that stress was having on my body.


Hi Meah Good news, I am 5 weeks pregnant 🙂

I will keep you posted on the results of my thyroid tests.
Fingers crossed all goes well this time.
See you in January.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year.


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