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Update for 2014

safronHello.  Thanks for visiting my site and taking interest in Naturopathy and how Natural Medicine can work to support you in your health.  Either as an alternative to mainstream options or as an adjunct to work in line with your existing medical treatments.  I use this Blog to talk more on an informal level about my experiences both personally and professionally in clinic.  I have revamped my website to make it easier to use and streamlined the information to make it easier to access if you’re interested.  I plan to write news on my Blog more often through the year as I recognise the importance of connecting on more of a personal level.  As much as possible I keep professional with the focus on my patients in our consultations, so this blog is more of an insight into me personally and the things that I’m learning & working through which often I bring to the consultations anyway but I suppose this is just gives a bit more detail.  Upcoming topics that I’ll be posting on include:

  • my experience with calorie restriction & intermittent fasting
  • emotional work to heal, let go and move forward
  • my ongoing journey with skin issues, including breakouts & pigmentation


If you are interested in discussing these topics with me privately than please feel free to get in touch via email.

Kind Regards,


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